Alpha Covenant, Inc. Services

We the family of ACI feels our specialty of counseling focuses on family. We have found no matter what belief system one operates in; no matter what culture, economical or spiritual belief ones family system is, it’s all part of the human condition.  Within that family system, exist three subsystem and they are:

a. Marital subsystem

b. Parental subsystem

c. Sibling subsystem

We know in our society divorce and people choosing to have children outside of marriage exists for a variety of reasons, however ACI is committed to address this issue by assisting one family at a time. It is ACI’s intention to strengthen each of these subsystems by following a holistic approach.  We strive to offer each subsystem with appropriate resources, based on where and how they are functioning in their current social setting.

We believe in the historical biblical view of Genesis 2:18 that the family is God’s first ordained institution, of which we place high value and priority. Most, if not all, great and small nations throughout history have operated with this institution for their perpetual survival.

We thank you for considering ACI for your family counseling needs!

• Family Counseling consists of individual, group, pastoral or clinical counseling.

• Marriage Education consists of assesment tools; PM (Pre Marital); PM (Post Marriage); MC

(Marriage with Children); Prepare CC (Cohabitating Couples); MT&E (Marriage Tune-up & Enrichment), and MAC (Muture Age Couples, 50 yr +).

• Parent Education consists of effective communication with each developmental stage, birth to 16 years. We focus on intervention and prevention of unwanted behavior.

• Grief Crisis & Trauma Counseling is most needed in our society due to natural and man made disasters. We all will experience some type of traumatic event or loss in our life time. These group sessions have helped countless of individuals and families move from emotional discomfort to inner peace.

​• Anger Management

A.I.M. (Acknowledge • Identify • Manage)

Let’s take A.I.M. and keep us, our families and our community healthy… knowledge is power

“The truth shall set you free” (John 3:32)

I. Acknowledge – Who you are (family, culture or belief) and that you may not be handling your anger in a positive way.

II. Identify – What kinds of things or situations make you angry? How does it feel to you? Where does it come from? Where did you first see it?

III. Manage – Listen, encourage, practice (techniques)