Grief, Crisis, Trauma Counseling

What do you know about loss?

What was your first loss?

What was your most recent loss?

How do we distinguish between Grief, Crisis and Trauma?

¨  Grief or Loss produces an ache, emptiness, sadness

¨  Crisis throws us off balance and into a state of panic and confusion.

¨ Trauma is a wounding (physical, psychological, emotional).

Individual, family or group

Pyschoeducational –  These sessions consist of a group that shares a specific type of  concern that focuses on educating clients about their issues and ways of coping. Many psycho-educational groups consist of members that all share the same issues.

Organizational training (Lay and Leadership)

  •  We offer group sessions for Grief as well as lay and leadership training.
  •  We invite and encourage your organization to consider having this training at your location. A few benefits are:

• Helping individual, groups are families cope and process their grief (loss);

a crisis or a traumatic event

• Being prepard to give verbal or emotional first aid and ‘what to say’ and ‘what

not to say’

• Identify, listen and calm people facing grief or a crisis

• Gain knowledge oft the role of first responders in a crisis and IC (Incident


• Learn how to develop a stromg care ministry to deal with most emergencies

that will arise

Sign up your group or organization today. Our calendar is filling up quickly.

“To me the most important part of ministering to one who is grieving is to be present, some times quietly, sometimes with a shoulder or open arms; but most importantly with a heart of compassion.”                                                                Larry Ginn, ACI


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