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Power Parenting Today

(Developed by Larry Ginn and Ninette Richardson)

The POWER PARENTING TODAY approach is based upon child-developmental stages and biblical principles.

POWER PARENTING TODAY is an outgrowth of ACI’s (Alpha Covenant, Inc.) ‘Rainbow Parenting’ programs. Over 20 years of research and dozens of parenting programs have provided the curriculum used in this popular biblically-based program. It is built on a foundation that has provided strategies and ideas that encourage and empower parents with the skills needed to motivate, discipline, and guide their children to become successful Christian adults.

Bible scriptures assist parents in putting their faith into practice, as they learn how to understand their own parental roles and expectations. These trainings provide parents with the opportunity to learn and discuss age appropriate methods that encourage positive communication and behaviors. In addition, participants will learn strategies that will help make their parenting experience easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.

The POWER PARENTING TODAY series empowers and makes parenting easier, more effective, and more enjoyable!

POWER PARENTING TODAY 12-hour Christian parenting program will make a positive difference in children’s acceptance of responsibility, self-esteem, and behavior problems. It will also reduce parents’ stress and anxiety levels, and make the home a more loving and nurturing environment. Using scriptural principles, the curriculum addresses the following topics:

• The Power of Love & Understanding

• Positive Communications are Critical

• Motivating, Encouraging & Influencing Your Children

• Discipline with Love and Authority

Parents’ Comments

“I’ve been to Parenting classes before, that were boring and dull. These classes were fun, but had lots of information too!”…


“Thank you! I really learned a lot about my kids and me! I liked the role playing most of all.”…

Jason K.

“I really liked these classes. My husband did not want to come but after the first class, he was excited about coming. Thanks for all of your help.”…


“I wish there were more sessions. Thanks and God bless you two.”…

Grace Chou H.

“I liked everything about this class and learned a lot of good info. We should have a reunion in a year.” …

Maria Elena V.

“This class was a life saver in our family! I really do feel empowered.”…

Precious B.