Meet The Ginns

Pre/Post Marital Growth

These types of workshops are educational, fun and engaging. Interaction allows couples to unpack personal baggage that could possibly hinder long term marriage. When we say workshop we mean participants will work individually, collectively and then shop for wisdom; knowledge and Gods’ understanding on the role a help- mate plays.

Marriage Education

EMTS (Educational Marriage Tune-up Sessions) We tune-up our cars, why not tune-up our marital relationship! This group consist of assessment tools; PM (Pre-Marital); PM (Post Marriage); MC (Marriage with children); Prepare CC (Cohabiting Couples); MT&E (Marriage Tune-up & Enrichment), MAC (Mature Age Couples, 50 yrs. +) and C.P.R. (Covenant Producing Relationships) Curriculum. C.P.R. is “Life changing techniques to grow your Marriage” and “Life saving techniques to save your marriage.” In these sessions we will unpack four important elements  (Goodwill, Friendship, Commerce and Love) to create or move into a covenant type marriage.

Testimony of C.P.R. from Arnold and Juliet

Marriage Enrichment (Using The Tool C.P.R.)

Marriage Enrichment is designed to address a married couple’s relationship, at the point where they are. Couples in marriage can become stationary and bored with the same daily routine whether they have children or not. Married couples don’t necessarily need preventive counseling and educational materials. Some couples wish to nrich their marital relationship and some couples need to be encouraged in the same manner. To enrich the marriage we should assess where the marriage is and what’s working and what needs improvement. The main focus will be to utilize assessment tools so couples can learn more about one another in their marriage; know their strengths and areas of improvements.

This approach helps couples evaluate the health of their marriage and provides them with valuable information that can be used to self-evaluate their communication styles.

They may also determine that they need assistance from a marital coach, counselor or a marital therapist.

Other areas that our Marriage Enrichment approach will address are:

• Premarital evaluation

• Marriage with children

• Marriage transition after 50

Couple Accountability Counseling

All leaders should have an accountability person or team, because no man or woman is an island. Couple Accountability helps with marriage peer pressure. We sometimes want or desire what others have in ministry leadership; however, we must first ask what God wants you as a couple to have, to be effective in your ministry. We assist couples by identifying common pitfalls that have a negative effect on leadership relationships. We also introduce coaching (in person or phone) for couples who find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings.