eight habits 4 Eight Habits of the Heart – “Eight Habits of the Heart”, is one of those books that capture what a community can be like. Clifton Taulbert shows how the Eight habits of the Heart can be utilized today to help strengthen relationships, families, and communities everywhere. Here is a refreshing and meaningful guide to the spiritual core we, as a society, always seem to be seeking. Retail $13.00 ACI Price $11.00

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IMG_tear soupTear Soup – Tear Soup, a recipe for healing after loss is a family story book that centers around an old and somewhat wise woman, Grandy. Grandy has just suffered a big loss in her life and so she is headed to the kitchen to make a special batch of Tear Soup. To season her soup Grandy adds memories like the good times and the bad times, the silly and the sad times. She does not want to forget even one precious memory of her loss. Retail $29.95 ACI Price = $24.95

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TRG pieces web The Romance Game – The Romance Game is more than a Game! It’s fun! …It’s educational! … It encourages you to express yourself! If you want to have positive conversations and build a strong relationship with someone you care for or just have fun with family and friends; The Romance Game is for you! It’s ageless…It’s timeless…It’s Here!!! ACI Price $19.95

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03-27-2017-Patch-Slider_EN LifeWave Patches: Click the image to learn more about how you can naturally, at the cellular level detox, increase your energy, and improve your sleep.  What are you waiting for! Experience the Patch for free!!! Nothing to lose but pain!