AC Family Health & Wellness

We at ACI believe that our mind, body and soul should be addressed and fed. What does that look like you may ask? We’re so glad you asked? To be and experience total health we need to keep our thought process healthy; we need to be aware of what’s going on with our physical body and make sure our souls are connected  and exposed to positive heart felt emotions. ACI family counseling can help with psychological and emotional issues and now we can assist individuals and families with physical ailments such as pain and discomfort.  

Integrative Health Management 

We have researched and tested products form LifeWave. A unique and one of a kind company that has developed patch products used in over 30 countries and hospitals for pain relief. If you and your family or friends suffer form pain or discomfort (arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia etc.,) we believe this nonmedication, no side effect product is an answer to prayer for pain relief.


AC Family Health & Wellness R.D.P.  (Readiness Development Program)

is a project of


Executive Director Rev. Larry Ginn M.A. MFT

Project designed for positive impact for boys of color 14-19 years of age.


Mission: To provide educational and skill development strategies that build strong families and community.
This first phase
of project consist of one hour and a half of family orientation. Family orientation is where staff, student and family meet and greet to become familiar with expectations and goals of program. Families will view an introductory DVD of what to expect, how long program is and what families’ responsibility are to be part of program. Orientation is also designed to let families know the type of support and resources families receive, such as parenting classes, group counseling, and employment information.


CI – The second phase consist of one six hour course to cover three areas:
 Legal Awareness – Intended for youths who are first time offenders are those who appear to be in danger of becoming one. The topics covered have been designed to assist young people with the challenge of discovering individuality: and creating an understanding of the obligations that come with being part of a community.


 Anger Control – Intended for youths who exemplify difficulty controlling their emotions. The topics focus on strategies to assist young people with expressing feelings of anger in an appropriate manner.


Drug & Alcohol Awareness – Intended for youths showing signs of curiosity or experimentation with drugs and or alcohol. The purpose of this class is to inform young people of the mental, physical and social health risk associated with drugs and alcohol.


This third phase
consists of relationship building and leadership shills. Our youth today are facing a tremendous amount of pressure at home, school, the media, peer pressure and the fast pace of technology. We have mentors and professionals to assist us in this important endeavor for our youth.


Part of our training utilizes “Eight Habits of The Heart” by Clifton Taulbert, a book that teaches how to engage and build their communities from the heart level. These heart felt skills can be used in their homes, schools, communities and through out their lives.

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