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Life Coaching

Life coaching parallels counseling in the since of identifying a person’s personal journey and concerns. Coaching does identify one’s personal issues and habits that stagnate personal growth personally or professionally. Coaching encourages and supports clients with careers or personal challenges. Coaching helps set and achieves goals. In order to make coaching effective we should hold our clients accountable for their actions in the goals they set. In order for a person to achieve their goals there must be a new and healthy energy and desire. In some cases, a person may not want to set goals but, may want to improve their relationship skills, then our coaching becomes mentoring certain character changes they want to achieve.

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 At Alpha Covenant, Inc. we specialize in Family Counseling, Marriage Education, Grief, Crisis & Trauma Counseling Workshops & Training and Parenting.

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ACI Family is a place where Goodwill, Friendship, Commerce, and Love exist for all.

Alpha Covenant Inc

Our Mission: To serve, connect and educate individuals and families by utilizing covenant principals in their relationships. Use community resources to teach our children; direct, encourage, educate and assist the community to become stronger. To provide positive services and resources for individuals and their families to bring a better quality of life within our community. We believe that fostering strong relationships within the family, can lead to a healthy community.